Our Approach

      For centuries, the art of drawing conditioned both the perception and conception of the art of architecture. In the design process there can be no technological substitute for that direct, organic, mind-to-hand connection which has served artists and architects so well in the past. The computer, while a useful aid, will never replace the pencil as the designer’s most powerful tool. 

Monika Zofia Pauli & Juan Guillermo Uribe Rubio

Our Approach Pauli & Uribe Architects

Hand Rendering Technique

Central to our approach is the use of hand drawings and sketches to convey ideas, especially during the early stage of design. While a computer is an integral part of our work, we believe the hand plays the most important role in shaping a project from its beginning to fruition.


We approach all projects with equal enthusiasm – from new residential construction to the renovation of historic properties – and work closely with our clients through the initial concept, design phase, approval process, contractor selection and construction supervision. We strive to ensure that all amenities and features of a project support the client’s vision and maintain true artistic integrity in design and functionality. One of our most unique features is the intensive use of hand-drafting, which helps our clients achieve a clear visual of a project, especially during a project’s conception, and often inspires new ideas. We also work with building/design teams and adjust the scope of our services to accommodate different client needs.

Our Experience

Our combined experience helps us understand and interpret our clients’ wishes, going beyond their architectural and structural issues to find an inner sense of style. Our experience with local, national and international clients has proven that true art and beauty lies in the details. Currently involved in multiple residential projects, we approach each project with enthusiasm and an eye for the most precise detailing and artistic integrity. We collaborate with a multitude of quality contractors, craftspeople, carpenters and artisans who share our approach and are essential to the success of the project.