About Us

Pauli & Uribe Architects LLC is a unique Boston-based architectural firm specializing in residential design and renovation, including historical buildings. Launched in the spring of 2007, we bring a love for design and commitment to artistic integrity to all our projects.

Pauli & Uribe Architects, LLC is a full service boutique architectural design firm specializing in high-end residential design. Launched in 2007 by Monika Zofia Pauli and Juan Guillermo Uribe Rubio, their expansive portfolio includes new construction and renovations in Boston’s Historic Districts of Beacon Hill and Back Bay, Brookline, Nantucket, Marblehead, Duxbury, Wyoming, France and Costa Rica.

They offer complete architectural services - from stage-one planning and design to construction supervision to interior design. With over 25 years of architectural experience, Monika Zofia Pauli and Juan Guillermo Uribe Rubio manage to continue their practice, serving their smaller clients on custom residential properties.

Pauli & Uribe Architects brings enthusiasm, creativity and due diligence to each project, while adhering to the philosophy that good design requires direct, organic, mind-to-hand connection. They combine their diverse talents and multinational backgrounds to help their clients’ dreams become a reality. Pauli, with Polish and French roots, lends to her work a deep historical perspective informed by studies in art history, urban planning and traditional drawing and painting techniques. Uribe, who studied in Bogota, Colombia, brings a passion for Modern architecture and furniture design, as well as experience in residential and commercial projects. Employing materials and craftsmen of the highest quality, they have set a high standard of design and workmanship that emulates the work of the original master masons and carpenters.

Offering contextually sensitive designs with artistic integrity, Pauli & Uribe Architects helps clients achieve functional and aesthetic goals, while respecting their budgets. Whether designing a new home, making alterations to an existing structure or assisting with interiors, Pauli & Uribe imbues each project with a unique architectural approach that weds traditional stylistic principles with contemporary design appeal.